Between abstract and figurative art, my paintings evolve to tell a story, fashioning characters through lines and transmitting emotions through color.
The living in all its forms, from cells to human beings, is central to my artwork. They can be striking, but sometimes they reveal themselves slowly, moving in the shadows between the abstract, the instinctive, the wild. The viewer sees his own perception of the picture as shapes form, dissolve and interact : silhouettes, fleeting glimpses, sensations at the edge of our understanding… every interpretation is different.

Paint, ink, pencils and pens, even a digital tablet, I take what all these tools have to offer, toying with their limits, drifting with my feelings and ideas.
I trace and I spread. I flesh out the outlines that come to life in the tangle of forms.
Each technique used meets on the canvas, debating, pushing, pulling, before finding harmony. With time, they themselves modify the very essence of what I bring into being.
All of my artwork evolves until the very last moment. I shape it, until the perfect balance is found.

Hybrid, mixed, my compositions are only the visible manifestation of a long creative process. There is no model to reproduce. There is no truth to discover. Faces appear, bodies transform, stretching, melting, fading.
My pictures are a game, a puzzle, an enigma waiting to be solved as the viewer brings his own key. But always with the pleasure of a storyteller, bringing stories to life, feelings and visions to share and to contemplate…